Act Now to Protect SNAP

The United States Congress is working to raise the debt limit, which will be hit possibly as early as June. Without a debt ceiling agreement, the federal government will find itself unable to pay all its bills, leading to delays in payments to Social Security beneficiaries, health providers and many others.

Act today to let your representatives know that raising the Debt Limit should not be tied to proposals that slash funding or make changes to programs that help families in need. Congress must pass a clean debt ceiling increase now.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to pass a clean debt ceiling increase now.

I ask you to reject any upcoming budget negotiations with harmful policy changes and spending cuts that would increase poverty and risk taking away health care, food assistance and income support from millions of people. Specifically, we need to protect food assistance through SNAP, cash assistance through TANF and health coverage through Medicaid.

Policies like the ones included in the House-passed debt limit and cuts package are unacceptable. We cannot leave more families, workers, kids and older Americans without health coverage and without enough money to afford and other necessities.

Please work to pass a clean debt ceiling and reject efforts to cut these imperative programs that support children, families, older adults, veterans and more across our country.

Please help keep our nation's safety net safe for all of our neighbors at risk.

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